The Terms and Conditions will form the contract between America 4 You L.L.C, DBA Travel Your Backyard and the person making/paying for the booking here after referred to as the buyer. No contract exists until Travel Your Backyard has received payment and issued its confirmation invoice.


Travel Your Backyard acts only as an agent of the suppliers of accommodations and services. Suppliers and are responsible for providing the product as described in this website. Upon payment by Travel Your Backyard to the suppliers, Travel Your Backyard shall have discharged its obligation to the buyer. Completion of said obligation shall relieve Travel Your Backyard of all responsibility to provide refunds or other services except as specifically provided for herein.

In the absence of negligence by Travel Your Backyard, the buyer hereby waives any claim against Travel Your Backyard for a) any damage to or loss of property, or injury to death of person, occasioned directly or indirectly by acts of God, dangers inherent to the air or seas, breakdown, fire, sickness, strikes, war, quarantine, epidemics, thefts, pilferage, customs or immigration regulations, weather, dangers inherent in the activities the buyer freely undertakes as part of a travel package, and any other acts or circumstances beyond Travel Your Backyard’s control, and b) any delays or irregularities which may be caused by defect of any vehicle or aircraft, or negligence, default, or inaction of any supplier engaged in carrying out any part of the arrangements offered herein. Other acts or circumstances beyond Travel Your Backyard’s control shall include, but not be limited to acts of terrorism, political unrest, and/of inadequate security measures the buyer’s origin and destination airports or elsewhere.

Travel Your Backyard always does its best to make sure the buyer’s holiday arrangements are satisfactory. We accept bookings on the understanding of the possible risk in adventure travel and that the river expeditions, ranch riding holidays and hiking/biking tours are undertaken at the buyers own risk.


Due to specific local rules and regulations the services of Travel Your Backyard are not available in specific states. Currently we will be unable to accept requests from the states of Florida, Illinois, Hawai and Washington. Please check back frequently for updates to these exclusions.


In the event that the buyer has a complaint about any of the arrangements, the local supplier must be informed at the time and if there is not a satisfactory resolution Travel Your Backyard must be informed promptly in order to be given the opportunity to rectify the matter during the buyer’s holiday, failure to complain at the time will result in the buyer’s ability to claim compensation from the company being extinguished or at least reduced. In any event, any unresolved complaint about the holiday must be made in by E-mail to Travel Your Backyard no later than 28 days following the completion of the holiday.


Payment with a credit card is required to make a reservation. If a booking is made 31 or more days before departure, a refundable deposit is payable by Credit Card. The remaining balance will be collected approximately four weeks prior to departure. For reservations made less than 30 days before departure, full payment will be due at time of booking.

Tour Deposit

Tour deposit fee is 20% of the booking total. The balance will be charged on the second installment.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend the purchase of a Travel Insurance protection plan.


Notice of cancellation/change must be made by E-mail directly to the Company. Change requests after start of tour may result in additional fees.

Good to know:

Please be aware that “Single”, “Double”, “Triple” and “Quad” refer to the amount of PAX booked into a room – NOT the number of beds. Double rooms can contain one large bed (Queen or King size), or two double beds, triple and quad rooms contain two double beds or two queen beds. Roll-aways and cribs may be requested in advance, however there is never a guarantee given by either Travel Your Backyard or the hotel that either one will be available upon arrival (“First come, first served”). Roll-aways are not always permitted due to fire regulations and most hotels will not put more than one rollaway per room. This extra service must be paid directly to the hotel by the guest. Please note, this is usually not possible in national parks and in some older hotels due to fire safety regulations. Adjoining (same floor, side-by-side or across the hall) and Connecting Room (rooms connected by a door in between) requests may be made at the time you book your reservation (subject to availability at hotels).

Child occupants share existing beds with 2 adults. (no more than 2 “free” children per room with 2 full-paying adults if applicable).

Unless otherwise stated, hotels require that one guest per room be a minimum of 21 years old.

All rooms are run-of-the-house unless otherwise indicated.

Hotel stays customarily do not include breakfast; however, some hotels do offer a complimentary continental breakfast. Usually, this continental breakfast is basic and contains coffee and pastries, with the occasional offering of cereal, fruit, toast or even a hot breakfast item etc. Complimentary breakfasts are subject to change and at the discretion of the hotel. There will be no partial refund if hotel choses to cancel this service.

To watch in-room movies, order room service, use the personal mini-bar, and so on, guests must establish credit directly with the hotel upon arrival.  “Incidental” charges, as they are known, are the sole responsibility of each individual guest, and must be paid directly to the hotel upon check-out. To establish credit, simply give front desk a credit card when checking in, to cover any and all incidentals during your stay. When checking out, be sure to request a print-out of your incidental charges so that you may verify all fees.